The cannabis culture is here to stay. In fact, for more than 50 years now, this urban subculture, illegal until very recently, has taken hold in the Western world.

And if we think about it a little, we can even go back to the 1920s, when the writer Gertrude Stein's companion, Alice B. Toklas, prepared her famous "hashish fudge" and offered it to the talented regulars at her Parisian gatherings, such as Picasso, Hemingway, Sherwood Anderson or Matisse (who were delighted to go and "taste" it).

Belonging to the cannabis culture not only means consuming marijuana, but also knowing the jargon and terms that are commonly used. There are many that coincide with other parts of the world, and there are others that are more our own, more regional.

Some marijuana words

Fumetasmoker: person who consumes marijuana every day.

Burned: o burnoutindicates someone who uses lots and lots of marijuana and is constantly unfocused.

EntLet's say it's a bit of a nerdy term to say to stoners. It was taken from The Lord of the Ringsbecause ents are trees, and those who made the association were probably Tolkien fanatic stoners.

Porrocanuto, canuto, churro: marijuana cigarette.

Chustais the butt of the joint, which has more resin.

Shooting: a single puff or inhalation.

Boca empastada: to have a dry mouth.

MunchiesThe attack of hunger after consuming cannabis.

Motagrass, mariaSynonyms of marijuana.

Ganjahemp, weed: more "botanical" ways to call cannabis.

Budrefers to the flowers of the plant, although it is also used to refer to the flowers of the plant. flowers. It is the product already harvested, processed and ready for consumption.

Moritais a small piece of bud.

Hashishcannabis resin: used to refer to the product obtained from cannabis resin, either raw or purified, by pressing it to create a solid, brick-shaped mass of varying color (usually brown, but also reddish, yellow or green). This is what it has been called since the 1970s in Germany and Austria, and in the United States.

Bongglass pipe for smoking marijuana, in various sizes.

Florist: person who cultivates marijuana.

Vocabulary for the effects of consumption

Stoned, high: used practically all over the world to describe the feeling of "flying" after smoking marijuana: the person laughs, has red eyes, looks very relaxed and slow.

LockedThe effect of marijuana has been particularly strong, so much so that he literally can't even move.

Fritodescribes more or less the same as locked.

Hanging, vegetable, turned upside downsynonyms for the same effect of being extremely stoned.

Words referring to the act of smoking

Session or seshis the meeting to smoke a joint.

HotboxThe term obviously comes from English. It is the act of lighting up a joint in a small, enclosed space, such as a bathroom or a car, which when filled with smoke supposedly hits you harder every time you breathe.

Burn or lard oneis the act of lighting a canuto or churro.

420is a code among stoners to invite someone to smoke marijuana.

Bogart or chiefing: this is the name given to the person who hogs a joint. Bogartby Humphrey Bogart, who always wore a cigarette in his mouth, and chiefing (boss), as well as to those who hoard or give big shots instead of sharing.

With this minimal glossary you already know some of the most important words in the cannabis culture and you won't be lost without knowing what they mean.

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