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Spain is part of the group of countries that have regulated the use of cannabis in one way or another. Marijuana is one of the most widely consumed drugs, so the trafficking of this substance has become a millionaire and dangerous business.

Regulation is a positive step towards ridding society of these problems and creating a freer and healthier environment.

The situation in Spain

In our country, cannabis is decriminalized for cultivation and personal use and for purposes other than sale and purchase. It remains illegal for commercial purposes. Only one legal cannabis drug is available, nabiximols (Nabiximols - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia), an analgesic dedicated to those suffering from multiple sclerosis.

The policy, in a way, lagged behind the opinion of society, because years ago the trend and public opinion changed with respect to cannabis use. In April 2021, 50 % of the people surveyed by the Centro de Investigaciones Sociológicas supported comprehensive regulation of marijuana. This percentage reached 90 % for medicinal use.

These opinions appeared in a special context: cannabis is the third most consumed substance, after tobacco and alcohol. There is a business opportunity in the legal sphere through the cultivation of this plant. According to a study by the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona3 billion a year could be raised through taxation with the regulation of a medical cannabis market.

Legal consumption in the country

The situation of legal consumption varies, however, in each autonomous community. In Valencia, for example, controlled legalization was approved in 2018, while in Catalonia cannabis has enjoyed semi-legalization since 1993.

The legal situation has been under review for years. This process was accelerated by the increase in medical research on cannabinoids and their ability to interact with the endocannabinoid system.

Mainly, the way in which it affects the immune system has been studied. In addition, the industry for the commercialization of derivatives such as cannabis oil and edibles has grown enormously.

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There are different points of sale for cannabis articles. In Spain, the sale of seeds as an ornament or as a collector's item is allowed. There are also growshops that market different products for the self-cultivation of cannabis.

In any case, medicinal regulation solves part of the problem. It remains to regulate recreational use, which affects millions of people in Spain alone. The group of Unidas Podemos presented a law in Congress for this type of consumption. ERC has also done so, but the PP and Vox have positioned themselves against any progress in this area.

Cannabis in the world

At the moment, there are four countries that have regulated recreational consumption: Canada, Uruguay, different states of the United States and Malta. Germany could join this list and become a leading country in the European Union and generate more open positions among the rest of the countries of the union.

From our cannabis association in the Raval of BarcelonaWe are committed to responsible and safe consumption. We will continue to write news about cannabis in our blog, stay tuned!

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