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The first edition of the postgraduate course in Cannabis Production and Transformation Technologies began in November 2022.

The postgraduate in Cannabis Production and Transformation Technologies is an initiative promoted by the UPC School and the Cannabis Hub, with the aim of training professionals who can promote agro-technological development and the possibilities of social and economic growth around the cultivation and processing of cannabis.

As the legalization of the Cannabis sativaIn many countries, the multiple properties of the and medicinal, recreational and industrial possibilities of this plant, which has been present among humans for 5,000 years.

Its objectives include offering participants a "global, strategic and technological" vision of the cultivation, processing and marketing of cannabis.

Who are the promoters of the postgraduate program?

The UPC School

The Polytechnic University of Catalonia is also known by its acronym, UPC, and as Barcelona Tech. It was founded in 1971 under the name Universitat Politècnica de Barcelona, which was changed to Catalunya in 1984.

It is one of the most prestigious universities in Spain and the world, recognized especially for its high level in the different branches of engineering, computer science and technology development.

The UPC School of Professional & Executive Development (UPC School) is a branch of the UPC that offers more than 200 masters, postgraduate and specialized courses for professionals and executives.

Cannabis Hub

The Cannabis Hub defines itself as "a community of companies, organizations and institutions that come together to share knowledge to promote cannabis-related projects".

In this community, the following play a fundamental role Polytechnic University of Catalonia y Valenverasa company dedicated to the research and development of medicinal plant crops, in Sant Andreu de Llavaneras, Barcelona.

Postgraduate studies and the potential of cannabis

Objectives of the postgraduate course

The postgraduate degree in Cannabis Production and Transformation Technologies 2022 / 2023 will have a duration of 160 hours, will be blended and will cost 4,300 euros.

Its objectives include offering participants a "global, strategic and technological" vision of the cultivation, processing and marketing of cannabis.

Also to learn about the most advanced tools, instruments and trends applied in the cannabis environment; the development of cannabis projects that meet international standards; and the planning, projection and management of resources.

The course is aimed at professionals, technicians, entrepreneurs, graduates in agricultural engineering, chemical and environmental sciences and biotechnology, among others.

Potential of cannabis

As cannabis is decriminalized and legalized in different countries, its uses and industrial possibilities beyond recreational use are being rediscovered.

Cannabis has properties and potential in fields such as products for therapeutic use, the textile industry, as a construction material or in the cosmetics industry, in veterinary products and food products, among others.

In 2021, the global legal market for cannabis generated 37.4 billion dollarsand it is estimated that by 2031, according to a report from The Global Cannabis Reportthe market exceeds US$70 billion.

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