Spannabis Barcelona, an event of national and international renown, has become the epicenter of the culture cannabis. From modest beginnings, it has experienced significant growth in size and importance, attracting industry professionals and enthusiasts from around the world. In 2024, Spannabis promises to surprise with the Spannabis Champions Cup, awards and the World Cannabis Conference.

In this article, we will explore all aspects of this outstanding event scheduled for March 15-17 at the Fira de Cornellà.

Origins and Evolution

Since its inception in the 2000s, Spannabis Barcelona has experienced an astonishing growth in terms of size and influence. What began as an informal gathering of cannabis lovers has evolved into a professional and globally respected trade fair. This growth has been driven by the increasing acceptance of cannabis in society, both for medicinal and recreational purposes, in various countries.

Spannabis has witnessed this rise and has become a platform for showcasing products and services, promoting innovation and research in the field. Each year, it attracts a wide range of exhibitors, from seed producers to cannabis-related technology companies. The participation of both national and international visitors has played a key role in consolidating the fair's status as a flagship event in the cannabis industry.

The success and evolution of Spannabis Barcelona over the years has also been closely linked to the growing acceptance of cannabis in society, as well as the expansion of its use for both medicinal and recreational purposes in various countries. The fair has played a crucial role in the normalization and promotion of cannabis culture, offering a space where people can meet, openly discuss the subject and share information and experiences.

Spannabis 2024

Spannabis 2024 looks set to be a momentous occasion in the history of this iconic trade fair. At the Fira de Cornellà, a distinguished convention center, the organizers have created an exceptional environment for attendees to fully immerse themselves in the cannabis culture. Beyond the exhibition, this edition will include informative conferences, cultivation workshops, tastings of high-quality products and the exciting Spannabis Champions Cup.

At this event, outstanding products and companies in the sector will be recognized, and the awards ceremony will be one of the highlights honoring industry leaders who have contributed significantly to the advancement of cannabis culture.

The fair's opening hours allow attendees to make the most of the Spannabis experience. Fridays and Saturdays, from 11:00 am to 8:30 pm, and Sundays, from 11:00 am to 8:00 pm, provide ample time to explore the stands, participate in activities and immerse themselves in the cannabis culture in all its dimensions.

With affordable ticket prices, both at the box office and in advance sales, this unique experience is available to a wide audience of enthusiasts. Spannabis 2024 promises to be an unforgettable event that combines the best of the cannabis industry. cannabis with an unparalleled entertainment and learning experience.

Cannabis Culture

Cannabis culture takes center stage at Spannabis Barcelona, and this fair is dedicated to embracing and celebrating all its dimensions. In the pavilions of the Fira de Cornellà, attendees can explore a wide variety of high-quality products, ranging from cannabis seeds to consumer devices, reflecting the diversity and quality of the industry.

Spannabis also hosts informative lectures and panel discussions, where leading experts share their knowledge on medical, legal and cultural aspects related to cannabis. These learning opportunities provide attendees with a comprehensive understanding of cannabis culture and its influence on society.

In addition to the exhibition and conferences, the fair offers a space for interaction and community building. Visitors have the opportunity to connect with other enthusiasts, share experiences and participate in activities that promote understanding and appreciation of cannabis culture. Spannabis Barcelona goes beyond being a mere exhibition of cannabis-related products and services; it is a dynamic forum that strengthens and spreads this ever-evolving culture.

Economic and Social Impact

Spannabis Barcelona not only celebrates cannabis culture, but also has a significant economic and social impact locally and globally. Every year, it attracts thousands of national and international visitors, generating an important tourist flow in the city of Barcelona during its celebration.

The fair boosts the local economy by increasing demand for services in hotels, restaurants, transportation and other businesses. It also contributes to job creation in the cannabis industry and related sectors, such as technology and research.

From a social perspective, Spannabis Barcelona plays a crucial role in the normalization and destigmatization of cannabis. cannabis. It provides a space where people can meet and openly discuss the topic, sharing information and experiences. It also promotes constructive dialogue on cannabis regulation and policy, which can influence government decisions at the local and national level.

Future Prospects

With the next edition of Spannabis Barcelona in 2024, the event is expected to continue to consolidate its position as the epicenter of cannabis culture. The Spannabis Champions Cup highlights industry leaders, demonstrating the show's commitment to recognizing excellence and innovation in the cannabis field.

This competition promises exciting discoveries in products and services, as well as honoring outstanding leaders and entrepreneurs in the industry. The awards ceremony, which takes place during the show, adds an exciting element of recognition to the Spannabis experience.

In addition, the World Cannabis Conference also promises to be an outstanding event, bringing together industry experts and leaders from around the world. The conference provides a unique opportunity to share ideas, discuss current trends and collaborate on research and developments in the field of cannabis. It will focus on crucial topics such as medicine, legalization and innovation, ensuring that Spannabis Barcelona remains a key center of knowledge and development in cannabis culture.


Spannabis Barcelona 2024 is set to be an event not to be missed, both for those who have followed the evolution of cannabis and for those who wish to delve into this growing culture. With the Fira de Cornellà hosting the event from March 15-17, an enriching experience is anticipated that will range from the latest trends and developments in the world of cannabis to participation in exciting activities and the opportunity to learn from industry experts.

The affordability of the prices makes this event still an attractive option for a wide audience of cannabis enthusiasts and the curious. It is important to note that Spannabis Barcelona is an exclusive event for those over 18, so those interested should make sure they meet this requirement.

With the possibility of purchasing discounted advance tickets, interested parties are encouraged to make the most of this exciting fair, which not only provides a platform for the exhibition of cannabis-related products and services, but also contributes to the growth of cannabis culture and its influence on society. Don't miss the opportunity to be part of this unique experience!


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