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Terpene They are a type of binding, which is used in different plants. However, they are combined with Cannabis, as these certain types in large concentrations. They are responsible for the charakteristic taste and also have a number of health benefits.

In this article we will show you what the third party is and what types are available.

Was sind Terpene?

Terpenes are aromatic compounds that can be used in plants and individual plants. They will also be used to produce flavors and aromas in various types of products.

They play an important role in nature. In some plants, they can be used to protect the best of them, while in other plants, they can be used to protect the roots. In addition, they are used as a protection for plants by helping them to help them to get rid of various diseases and to keep the immune system intact.

Cannabis, which is intended for use, normally contains terpenoids, which are oxidized terpenes in the western world, after they have caused a reaction and re-infection process.

Terpene and Cannabinoid

Cannabinoids are specific chemical compounds in Cannabis. These compounds activate a reaction in the endocannabinoid system of the body. Both CBD and THC are two cannabinoids that influence the body in different ways.

As already explained, some terpenes are found in the Geruch. Some terpenes in the Cannabis-Pflanze can, however, similarly influence the body as cannabinoids. The difference is that the body can take it in different ways and use it.

Wie beeinflussen Terpene den Körper?

Many terpenes are bioactive and therefore have an effect on the body. However, this effect can vary according to concentration and the person who uses them.

On the basis of the germs they produce, they form the basis for atheric oils and aromatherapy. Aromatherapy with plant extracts can influence mood and anxiety.

There are researches that support the suggestion that terpenes can modify the effects of THC and CBD. Daher wurde festgestellt, dass diese Verbindungen die Art und Weise verändern können, wie der Körper CBD verwendet.

Some types of plants that are found in nature:


Lemon is easily recognizable due to its aroma. It comes in the mouth of fruits such as citrons and oranges. It has therapeutic properties such as anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidative, anti-viral, anti-diabetic and anti-catabolic effects.

It influences the shape and form in which some of the elements function, and can therefore protect the body in various stages. It can certainly be consumed as a food additive.


Pinen is the herb, which is responsible for the charakteristic refreshing taste of kiefernnadeln, basilikum and other herbs. It can have therapeutic benefits and is used in Japan in various therapies.

In addition, its benefits were demonstrated in a study, in which it was shown that it works as a bronchodilator and allows more light to be absorbed in the blood. It also has a pleasantly mild effect that can be used to combat certain infectious diseases.

Hint: The translation is based on our knowledge and experience, however, it is possible that some of the facts or nuances have not been fully understood.

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