We have posted on this page of our website the most frequently asked questions by our members and / or consultants.

Was ist The Cut Barcelona?

The Cut is a Cannabisclub in Sant Antoni, Barcelona. Within our Cannabisclubs The Cut you can consume Cannabis and its legal derivatives.

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  • Wir sind eine Cannabisvereinigung.
  • We are in Sant Antoni, Barcelona.
  • Here you can find marijuana in legal ways.

How can I become a member of the Cannabis Association The Cut?

In order to try legal Cannabis in Barcelona, this must be done in a private place like our Cannabisklub The Cut. To become a member of our club, you need to be 21 years old or older and a photo exhibition.

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  • Du musst über 21 Jahre alt sein und einen gültigen Lichtbildausweis vorlegen.

How does it look with regard to the security of the personal data that I have stored in a cannabis club?

You can be aware of the security of your personal data. At The Cut we handle your data with complete confidentiality and responsibility. We do not share your data under any circumstances with third parties.

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  • We will continue to provide you with your personal data.
  • We handle your data confidentially.

Do I need an exemption every time I visit the Cannabisclub?

Yes, one of the prerequisites for membership in the Club is the provision of an official offer from your country, whether it is a staff, a travel allowance, a driving license, etc.

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  • Du benötigist einen amtlichen Ausweis mit Foto.

Muss ich mich jedes Mal anmelden, wenn ich die Cannabisvereinigung besuche?

Of course not! You only have to register for the first month. Please send us your member number and an example with a photo.

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  • As a member you only need to register once.

Can tourists/guests be members of the Clubs?

Ja. If you are a foreigner and / or as a tourist in Barcelona, you can become a member, as long as you meet the requirements mentioned above. Just take a look at our stand and inform yourself.

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  • Yes, tourists and visitors are more than welcome.

Is it legal to consume marijuana in Barcelona?

The consumption of marijuana in public areas is strictly forbidden. What is legal, however, is to smoke in a private room, and therefore there are Cannabis-Clubs such as The Cut Barcelona.

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  • In private areas: JA.
  • In public areas, NEIN.

Can I buy marijuana online?

No, no club offers the online sale of cannabis.

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  • NEIN. Es ist illegal.

What is the difference between CBD and THC?

CBD has a pleasant effect, while THC is responsible for the "taste". More about this topic here:

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  • Je nachdem, was Sie konsumieren, ist die Wirkung auf Ihren Körper unterschiedlich.

What is the difference between Indica and Sativa?

An Indica-Sorte is the best choice in order to relax and enjoy yourself because of its sedative effects. It is recommended to use it to relieve stress, to relax, to watch films or to relax during the day. The Sativa has a rather "euphoric" effect on the body. It is characterized by an energetic effect on the body and will be used as an Indica strain in general during the day, because it is as active as an Indica.

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  • Indicates = Ruhe und Entspannung.
  • Sativa = Euphorie und Energie.

Ich mag nicht rauchen. Bietet ihr auch auch andere Möglichkeiten, Cannabis im Club zu konsumieren?

Ja. Within our Cannabis Clubs The CUT Barcelona you will find essential products as well as growers, bongs and rigs for smoking, so that you can consume your own raw material, extract or concentrate.

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  • Wir haben Esswaren.
  • Auch Verdampfer.
  • Bongs and Rigs, in our Shop.